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Photography started for me as a child on some old-style phone. I loved all the social media sites… Shout out to Myspace! Capturing, editing, sharing. It has always allowed me to slow down and enjoy every detail as I observed the subject. Years later, I purchased my first professional camera on Black Friday – a Rebel T6 nothing fancy. I actually broke it and didn’t begin for another few years. 

The pandemic started, and I was sent home to telework, and my son was home from school. The pandemic and photography allotted the opportunity to travel and capture some beautiful views. I went to so many places that year. I brought my camera everywhere I went. I was able to hone my skills, and the amount of time for myself was paramount. I enjoyed the time in nature, traveling, shooting, and downtime at night. I strive for that amount of freedom today – working and doing photography can at times be overwhelming. From all the shooting, I secretly began posting my photos on Instagram. Once I started sharing, people became interested in the my style (still, I am humbled). I began shooting a local Tattoo shop – Dark Arts, in Churchville that my friend owns. Then friend’s wedding and themed shoots, etc… To say that I am “friend made” is an understatement. Photography to me means so much to me as a person and a way I express my creative mind. It’s truly a passion. I strive to make people feel remarkable about the work they are receiving. How often, even from paid photographers, you are just not satisfied with how you look. Photography is an art and an eye for me. I am so grateful for my skills, friends, and escape behind the lens.

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